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Mega Dairies - the only way forward to sustain consumer demand

The future of British dairy farming may be about to change. Industrial-scale farms will feature huge numbers of animals, who have access to fields 6 months of the year, higher than normal milking rate and an appearant high risk of poorer levels of welfare.

Is there another option for the future of dairy farmers in a market with growing demand?

- Does anyone have more information on the current welfare and regulations surrounding this industry-
note: This debate is not exclusive to the UK.

  • Judy Q

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    Feb 16 2011: Not only is this practice an abuse of animals - but the nutritional value of these mass produced foods is poor!
    Also - producing in this quantity at this quality will lower the price point so far that it will push smaller dairy farmers out of the market.

    I believe we should support sustainable farming and protect the welfare of animals. I do not have a lot of information about these mega dairies planned or, more importantly, about current practice in the field, so I would love for someone to shed some light on this important topic.