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Do you feel comfortable talking to someone of a different race about racial issues and stereotypes?

I love to talk to open minded people about how silly and unnecessary it is for racism to exist. We have great liberating conversations that all suggest at the end of the day that all people have the same basic needs....Peace, Love and Happiness!


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    Oct 14 2012: Yes. I think I am comfortable doing so because I have my own opinions and wouldn't feel out of depth. Also, being willing to listen to others with the same degree of belief, similar or not, installs a respect that creates comfort.

    Talking about racial issues and stereotypes, I personally believe that we are all in fact different. I hastily add however, that I do not believe we should all necessarily be treated different and/or treat others differently. We are the human race, but within that race there are differences and they should be recognised, and even more importantly in the essence of equality... respected.

    I think our yearning for equality is an excuse to try and make a complex situation, simple. It is a utopian like effort, and I do believe there is respect across the board within the cause which is in my opinion, wonderful! However, I also believe that people over look the reality by labelling equality to hastily. An almost religious like response in the passing of responsibility. In the words of Einstein "Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler". We should all be treated with respect, we should all be given the opportunity to voice opinions, share ideas, make friends, learn, etc. We should all be treated equal, but why are we so scared to recognise differences?

    I must add that identifying differences is no pledge of racism. I earnestly and effortlessly respect all. It's not in my blood to hate.

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