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Do you feel comfortable talking to someone of a different race about racial issues and stereotypes?

I love to talk to open minded people about how silly and unnecessary it is for racism to exist. We have great liberating conversations that all suggest at the end of the day that all people have the same basic needs....Peace, Love and Happiness!


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  • Oct 14 2012: My friends and I have had this discussion and we all agree that we are all of one race. Human. A Barbarry lion doesn't discriminate against an Asiatic lion because of where it's from. So why should an African HUMAN discriminate against an Asian HUMAN for the very same reason? As for stereotyping, I will say this. Some are offensive and some aren't. Some are true and some aren't. It's not a bad thing, it's just a thing. Saying tall people are better suited to play basketball is a stereotype. Some might say its true and take offence, whilst others will say it isn't and take no offence. Its the way and spirit in which they were intended and the way in which they are perceived/received that will determine whether it's offensive or not. So who could possibly know what will be taken as offensive? My friends and I take the piss out of skin coulor height, weight and anything else we can because we can. We all care enough about each other to know that nothing is meant to hurt or embarrass. Once you take racism, which is a flawed concept to begin with, and turn it into a joke, you destroy it's power. If everyone everywhere thought like this, racism would disappear as if it never was.

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