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Do you feel comfortable talking to someone of a different race about racial issues and stereotypes?

I love to talk to open minded people about how silly and unnecessary it is for racism to exist. We have great liberating conversations that all suggest at the end of the day that all people have the same basic needs....Peace, Love and Happiness!


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  • Oct 12 2012: Oh, just to clarify....I am suggesting the racists are the ones with the false premise, not you :p)
    I realise that you are using the term to describe one aspect of the other terms you have listed.
    But you are well on the ball to see that I often question language to arrive at a different viewpoint.
    I am in no way seeking to deny or excuse the behaviour of the "racists" ;
    I seek to deny them any justification for their actions.
    If you want to squash an intellectual racist I would refer them to the Andrew Marr documentary I mentioned above.
    He told us that various groups of Homo Sapiens emigrated from North West Africa but only one survived to populate what is now India, Australia, China and eventually the rest of the World. He told us that geneticists have traced the mitochondrial DNA to one woman in that group. Yes, we are all (except those in or from Sub-sahara Africa) related to that woman. We are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants, and we are all related.

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