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Do you feel comfortable talking to someone of a different race about racial issues and stereotypes?

I love to talk to open minded people about how silly and unnecessary it is for racism to exist. We have great liberating conversations that all suggest at the end of the day that all people have the same basic needs....Peace, Love and Happiness!


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  • J Kim

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    Oct 11 2012: Whenever, they say ' pardon?', I feel so depressed. I thought I mumbled.. How they couldn't understand homework? They only understand assignment. Ha! ( Am I a blacklist of them?) By the way, I try not to call racist for others.. because they might be just ignorant or inexperience about other culture(dumb). IAnyway, I alway feel uncomfortable, but try to have open mind. Especially, I don't want to talk about the political issue . .. It depends on person though. Some are nice.

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