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Do you feel comfortable talking to someone of a different race about racial issues and stereotypes?

I love to talk to open minded people about how silly and unnecessary it is for racism to exist. We have great liberating conversations that all suggest at the end of the day that all people have the same basic needs....Peace, Love and Happiness!


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  • Oct 10 2012: I actually have a little bit of unease talking to people of the black community whom I do not know well. It comes from my last name which is pronounced koon-rat, and thanks to Rick Morrison who popularized the term coon to be a negative slang it tends to make me a little nervous about how they react.

    Although to be honest I think we have to start eradicating Rascism from those we percieve as 'victims' because I have known more than a few who say 'this is happening because I am a _____' this attitude needs to change. Seeing yourself as a victim you will usually somehow find rationalization for feeling this way. Also the laws need to treat everyone as equal (this is mostly for Canada which needs heavy rewriting/abolishing of some laws)
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      Oct 10 2012: Can you describe some laws you have in Canada that promote treating people unequally? We tend not to be familiar with the laws of countries where we do not live.
      • Oct 10 2012: well we have the Indian Act.
        The many treaties.

        But there are laws subjecating the native peoples, and in some ways elevates them above the average.

        There are laws that allow the Metis and Indian populations to hunt at any time.
        At the same time there are also laws that prevent Aboriginal ownership of land on reserves (I have heard, have not researched it)

        It is a really big mess in terms of aboriginal relations in Canada

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