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Do certain populations of people like: young children, mentally ill, and chemically induced psychotic have trans dimensional senses

I have often wondered if the " magical thinking " that young children . Perhaps there is more to it then imagination..... maybe they can see things we can't. Many great teachers have spoke about having the mind of a child to visualize. faith. I welcome all thoughts ! thanks FAM

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    Gail .

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    Oct 10 2012: We all do, but some are more self-aware than others.
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    Oct 13 2012: There isn't much response on your question Shawn yet it isn't because your question is silly but rather it is that few people ever think that way.
    I can't speak for all people but myself and what i sometimes have noticed with others that is that children do see things other than what's in front of them.
    Rational thinking has to be learned and it's largely done through the use of language. Language only refers to what we share and neglect all else. Children love fairy tales for their freedom of imagining which they can easily relate to.
    Seeing besides what we all see isn't done with the eyes but happens if they have a moment of absent mindedness a moment that can contain much imagery as complete stories or fragments there off. In this kind of hypnotic state they contact other times, places and people which they forget the moment they become awake again.

    As you suggest the faculty that controls the reality we know is set out of order with certain chemicals or illnesses. What with children is their natural background is with older people often a mess of stress which distorts the vision or hallucination they have into a nightmare. People that live natural and have a cultural use are prepared and not different than children; they are trained in what they can learn from that "other world".