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the propaganda that GMO crops are needed to feed the world is balderdash

This stuff about GMO crops are to be the salvation of mankind is based on scare tactics and attempts t stampede people who don't care to look at things too closely. They depend heavilly on chemical interference with natural processes, jeapordise the diversity which is protection from unexpected stresses by unexpected disease or attack and destroy the soil. They also put farmers at the mercy of the companies as they cannot save seed but are forced to buy it each year which can only force the cost of production up. There are also a number of troubling questions arising out of studies done where animals have been fed GMO food.

I am disappointed at the flippant and casual way this rather important issue was treated as having a given solution, when indeed in the long run it may create many more problems than it solves. There has already been a case of thousands of acres GMO corn crop in the US being wiped out by an unforeseen disease. If all the major crop growers are growing the same thing and it fails, it could lead to famine on a scale hitherto unimagined.

I suggest anyone who is interested in this question check out Dr.Vandana Shiva's talk given while accepting the Sydney Peace Prize for 2010.

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    Mar 23 2011: Wait until you see the recently posted talk by Root Wolfe on Genetic engineering . It will really shake things up!
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    Mar 22 2011: The main problem surrounding this topic is the lack of readily available and reliable information the consumer can have access to.
    Even worse, the consumer, most of the time doesn't even know when he is confronted with an GMO.
    This doesn't mean GMOs don't have their purpose, but as long as we don't have a clear understanding about the short and long term implications we should be very careful.
    most importantly, consumers shouldn't be left in the dark, but informed whenever a GMO is entering their food chain. The should be explicitly declared on labels the same way other ingredients have to be declared