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Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder or there are women who are born beautiful?

Women are born different but there are certain women which turn the eyes of most men. Are we not agreed that there are certain features that most men like in women? That some men settle for not so beautiful women because they are not in abundance?

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    Oct 9 2012: There might be some confusion over what men recognize is beauty and how men form relationships. Men do not base relationships solely on looks.
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    Oct 9 2012: I would say for most men it's symmetry of facial features and healthy skin,lustrous hair and curves upon first visual assessment.
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    Oct 10 2012: If you base beauty on appearance then you are truely shallow

    on the other side of the coin ... A mans looks appear to be in direct proportion to the size of his bank account.

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    Oct 9 2012: If you are refering to physical beauty in a woman (which is what your question seems to imply), then Ken got the right answer. There have already been scientific studies using brain imaging technology that indicate facial symmetry is a key factor, but the relationships between the facial features are also a factor (sizes, distances from each other, etc of the different features). There are also other body part relationships that our brains seem to find more appealing than others.

    And it not only applies to how a man views a woman. Other woman use the same criteria in determining if another woman is beautiful or not.

    The evidence seems to indicate our brains have become hard-wired in some ways to prefer certain physical body part relationships over others when it comes to "appeal" or "beauty".

    As for some men "settling" for less "appealing" women, that idea contains a mis-conception on your part. Some men prefer blondes while other may prefer brunettes or redheads. Some men prefer tall women vs shorter women. Etc, etc.

    Let's not imply that anybody is an "ugly" person based only on their physical qualities. As others here have already said, beauty is much more than just physical. The first judgement a man makes about a woman the very first time he sees her is whether she is "physically attractive" or not. That is the only judgement he can make because he doesn't know anything else about the "whole woman" behind her physical qualities. No, I'm not saying it is RIGHT to do that, but let's face it, that's what happens. It's a "lust" reaction at best, and has nothing to do with a deeper attraction to the whole woman. If over time a man finds a woman he did not initially find "lustworthy" a "beautiful whole woman", then his initial "un-beautiful" judgement of her can change drastically and he can find ALL of her appealing. In that case, he isn't SETTLING for anything. He found his "beautiful woman".
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    Oct 9 2012: The concept of beauty is in our brain. So, in my view, the question would be: is this concept of beauty innately hard-wired in our brain or is it socially learned? I think the latter is more likely to be true, but there must be something innate about it as well.
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    Oct 9 2012: It depends on each individual perception and view of beauty. No doubt some women are easy on the eyes.

    But while some men focus on physical looks above everything else, some do have a holistic approach to beauty. If a bomb is placed in a designer leader bag, it is still a bomb. So, there is more to successful relationships than good looks and a sexy body.
    Good looks could bring about the initial attraction ; so that answers your question pertaining to the features most men like in women: the curves, the hair, the pretty face.
    However most men know (maybe after a few mistakes) that there is more to a woman's beauty than physical form. So even if 'easy on the eyes' women were in abundance, some men would still look for certain qualities.
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    Oct 9 2012: I suppose it would depend on whether a man was looking with his eyes or with his heart. Is he looking for substance or is he looking for a trophy? I think it would have more to do with the quality of the man, what the quality of the woman he chooses and how he chooses her. That said, there are some gorgeous women that are women of substance, there is more there than face value.