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1000 or more ways to describe empathy

Humans are social beings, and so too are ideas. An idea worth spreading I think is definitely EMPATHY! What does it mean to you? I'll start, for me empathy is the very fabric of humanity. From the onset of birth, facial, voice pitch and tone analysis enables the very beginning of a non-observable behaviour of understanding the emotions and thoughts of another sentient being. The ability or inability to empathise, for me is the greatest determiner of the quality of living, that is right! Not money, not valuables nor possessions! Everything we know about life, their value are all reflections of how we perceive them, which is in turn based on how we perceive our loved ones, friends, lovers, pets, society in general values them! What ever we do, whether we watch TV, surf the net, suicide bomb, scuba dive, even when we are in the most remote places of earth alone in solitude, our thoughts, our thoughts are never ours alone! A powerful weapon indeed! So there it is, Empathy, lets talk about it for a month, and perhaps with our collective perspective, we can make the world a better place, simply just by spending more time thinking about what others think and feel.


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    Oct 15 2012: May I suggest a further resource to learn more about empathy and compassion.
    The Center for Building a Culture of Empathy
    The Culture of Empathy website is the largest internet portal for resources and information about the values of empathy and compassion. It contains articles, conferences, definitions, experts, history, interviews,  videos, science and much more about empathy and compassion.

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