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does a big country develope faster or a small one .why .

there are many countries in the world and they have a different degree of developemnt .would you like to divide into small countries to have a much more development or you think big countries can develope fast .why .


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  • Oct 10 2012: Well for one every country develops in some shape or form. It has more to do about their population size and less to do about the size of the nation. Also development does not necessarily ensure safety or quality of living. I think your question is a bit vague, but i think the gist of your argument pertains the relativity of economic growth and population size.

    If you reworded your question I'd inquire that a heavily populated nation would develop slower, not in all circumstances, than a country that is heavily populated because it's much easier to govern a smaller nation. Unfortunately some of these smaller nations are governed by tyrants or just lack adequate membership in parliament. Yet im not sure I'm answering your question.

    Another factor that might contribute to your "development' question is defining what you mean by development. There are technological advances, economic growth, social integration, health security...etc. There are a plethora of things that contribute to a Nations development. Just narrow down to what you're looking for and you might get a more precise answer.

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