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Where did we come from?

I started several debates in TED and results are evolution can't be proven. SHORT OF CREATION and EVOLUTION is there another option?

I believe this is a fundamental question to be answered.


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    Oct 10 2012: High level ideas encompass and abstract many underlying concepts, therefore I believe it is best to answer this question from lowest comprehencible level. If you look from perpective of building blocks of the entire existing world, where world encompases everything that exists in our universe and beyond if possible, all you would see is an ocean of fundemental blocks, current permutation of which represent the world as we know it. Logic will hold no matter what you pick the building block to be, let it be microscopic particles, or srtings of vibrating energy, or even curves on fabric of space. Then one might ask that how this permutation took place in the first place. The answer is that, not only this permutation but also all other possible permutations are taking place, one after the other, thus making changes to the world. Moreover, it is impossible for any set of things to exists as arranged in any way in space without representing a certain permutation of that set.
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      Oct 10 2012: Very nice, very linear response. You are moving towards first cause and I just don't think that is how the universe works. So tell me, what was the first permutation? As opposed to all the mutations that followed?
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        Oct 10 2012: Does not matter what the first permutation was, because at some point in time current permutation will be achieved. For simplicity imagine very small set of numbers, for example 1,2 and 3. Pick any permutation of this set to be a target and start with any, and if you keep permuting you will eventually reach your target permutation.
    • Oct 10 2012: Farrukh,

      Was that an argument for evolution .... or for creationism ??

      Or was it a creative evolution ... or was it an evolutionary creationism ..??

      If Jim Zediana was still around here, I don't think he would find your comment very enlightening
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        Oct 11 2012: Hi Daniel, My answer is neither for evolution nor creationism. Instead, given that the world exists, it explains why the existing world is the way it is. Note that in this case the term world encompasses everything that exists, including but not limited to human beings and all other creatures.

        Also, please note that this is only one of the many possible ways to explain the existing world. I believe that it provides another option besides evolution and creationism, as asked in original question.
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        Oct 15 2012: Actually I like it a lot!

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