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Where did we come from?

I started several debates in TED and results are evolution can't be proven. SHORT OF CREATION and EVOLUTION is there another option?

I believe this is a fundamental question to be answered.


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    Gail . 50+

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    Oct 9 2012: I think so.

    If you start with quantum mechanics, and accept that the energy field(s) is/are self-aware morphic fields, then we create ourselves, evolve at our will, and return to the quantum field from which we are never separated.

    If you believe that you are an autonomous unit, then evolution and creationism can appear to be supported by one kind of reasoning or another. But if you believe that we are one being, each of us being aspects of that being, never separated from that being (where I speak of "being" as opposed to "a" being), then neither evolution or creationism is valid, but creationism as it is described by creationists, is simply insane and not physically possible. Evolution gets to where I am but it can get no further until quantum physicists come into agreement about the nature of the quantum/morphic/unified field that is all that is.
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      Oct 9 2012: Thank you for trying to answer the question but the debate for evolution failed over two weeks with no evidence cited. The question is trying to get you to think. If evolution and creation are out what is the answer?
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        Oct 10 2012: I think TED Lover gave a valid answer to your question.
        Evolution can't be proven but can be seen right in nature.
        It can't be proven for one all factors aren't yet known that drive evolution and two, it takes time to follow many generations of any species.

        The great lakes in Africa, Victoria, Malawi, Tanganyika, contain many species of fish that obviously have a common ancestor as even now we see that process of division happening.

        Those lakes are geological young and at first populated by a few species only. Members of the species of cichlides changed over time to occupy all niches of that ecosystem. Some became small, others large, some learned to protect eggs and fry into their mouth as others used snake shells for protection. There's a lot to tell about this but it's easy to see they all share the same ancestor and one that doesn't see it will never be convinced.

        Of course there are many more examples that show evolution in an obvious way even more now we can study the genome which makes the development of life visible.
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          Oct 12 2012: Not sure but evolution states fish turn into birds. Has that happened yet?

          In any case answer the question.

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