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Why are women so pressured into becoming this "beautiful" icon for society?

The media is the main reason for women being demoralized as sex icons for the male population to look at. Why is it that we work so hard to be accepted; we go through so much to look a certain way society wants us to. Men also have this problem. Why is the world a huge "beauty pageant"?

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  • Oct 21 2012: Mostly because there is a large amount of pressure on most people to stick to the social norms. People like to be in groups and hence will usually try and stay in the largest current one, the current norm is (unfortunately) this beauty pageant. It's difficult for me to put this into word but this pressure occurs because people think others of the opposite sex should be attracted to somebody that looks a certain way. It's a loop of thought between everyone; people usually feel pressured to look like their social norm to fit in, this means more people join that group creating more pressure on others to also do this.

    This doesn't affect everyone to the same degree, you have questioned it yourself. Personally I'm outside of this group, I look like what most people would call a mosher or goth (my hair comes down past my shoulders despite the fact I'm male) hence I'm looking on with a different perspective to them since I'm outside their group.
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      Nov 5 2012: I just feel society’s attempts to control, manage, and ensure what the personality of a population is has been based on the power of beauty and expectations. This has led to different conflicts internally and externally in everyday life. This form of control is the root of all atrocities we seek as human beings. We have diminished ourselves in favor of the jurisdiction of the population

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