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Why are women so pressured into becoming this "beautiful" icon for society?

The media is the main reason for women being demoralized as sex icons for the male population to look at. Why is it that we work so hard to be accepted; we go through so much to look a certain way society wants us to. Men also have this problem. Why is the world a huge "beauty pageant"?

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    Oct 9 2012: I've been waiting for women to start wearing scarves again.
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      Oct 11 2012: Well I;m not saying that either haha
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        Oct 11 2012: Lol

        Scarves are cool, it protected a womans hair from dust and sun damage but today's environment is probably more toxic to a womans glory than the days gone by. What products sold in todays world that guarranttee's if swallowed will refresh and revitalize the hair? None that i know of, it's all external and advertized to steer you towards a perfect healthy shine 24 hours a day by the perfect unblemished models used to sell it to you.

        Take for instance hair straighteners, most young girls can't afford the expensive models that guarantee no burn damage and use any conditioner that is available at the time of straightening but not realizing that any heat system will damage the hair regardless and quite possibly change it's current normal look to something different, probably dryer and more frizzy. I have young nieces so i can only go off how they clog every bathroom for hours just getting ready to go off to school and complain why they never got the genes like i did for straight hair, they don't seem to listen when i say it's a curse because you can only have it long and can do nothing with it, cut it short you turn into a porcupine, gel doesn't even hold it, it slips off. Personally i think the world is directed to selling something to women about some part of themselves whether they need it or not.
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          Oct 12 2012: I agree on your last comment fully. I also know how trying to straighten your hair could be a pain and time consuming. It's ironic how people with straight hair want it curly and vice versa. Not everyone but that's what I see. I personally like straightening my hair but it is so tedious and it usually hurts my wrist since I have thick long hair. Women and society...I just don't understand.
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        Oct 12 2012: Thank you Brenda, your reply made me see my prior reply was just me ranting about something that is normal. In answer to your Q i will answer with a polite Q

        Do you think that todays young women are highly influenced by reality shows like "Jersey shore" or the social media site "Facebook" and advertizing as well as school social interaction, all mixed together? and are today's young women more competitive with their looks than their mothers time at the same age? if "Yes" What do you think is driving it? If "No" What could it be then, from your perspective?

        Sorry Brenda, it's more than one Q and though it may seem a formal test type Q, it is far from it, answer anyway you want if you want.


        This Q has me confused for something that looks so simple.

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