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Have you ever contemplated the dynamics of a group(more then one) of teenage girls talking?

What dynamics can one deduct from teenage girls conversations?
I have two teenage daughters and the dynamics involved in their relationships is profound in relationship to talking? I am interested in any opinions r/t teenage girls and why they talk almost nonstop. Its almost like a verbal tennis match.

  • Oct 9 2012: Yes I have contemplated the dynamics of a group of teenage girls talking. Listening the actual dialog, followed by the cell phone re-hash, any number of little side conversations, and how it is woven into prior an follow-on conversations is fatiguing for men. The blend of information, mis-information, feelings, empathy and transposed empathy, fashion, relationships, and social circumstances...and how it all relates to world dizzying. Then there are other levels of communication involving glances, expressions, and not noticing or not saying something.

    From an anthropological perspective, it is no wonder females can communicate more effectively than males. Perhaps this is some sort of honing of the communications skills to help them determine the sincerity of males in future relationships. Perhaps being able to talk the fastest, longest, or without a stopping for a breath is some sort of peer power indication. I also wonder how many listen to what is being said. Your right about the tennis match, there is some sort of competitive thing going on. There use to be physical limits for duration, number of concurrent players, and speed of communication before slurring or garbled speech. I wonder how changes like cell phones and texting will change this communications phenomena long-term?