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Does innocence exists?

What determines innocence?
What removes innocence?
Can it be protected or promoted?


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    Oct 9 2012: Life greatest illusion is innocence, so I suppose no. No one on this Earth is innocent because at one point in life, everyone has either killed, stolen, cheated (on any number of possibilities of things), or done wrong in one form or another. While the passing of time may erase the guilt from your memory or your conscience becomes non-existant, no one is truly innocent. Isolation from corruption is impossible, for it is everywhere.
    Even if a child soldier kills someone, and doesn't know that it is wrong, his concept of innocence has been lost and he clearly has none. No one is truly innocent because innocence is something you lose once in your life and can never be regained, no matter how much of a religious fanatic you are or how much money you have.

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