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How can wisdom be gained?

"A wise person is made not born".
Is this true? Why?
If it is, how is wisdom accumulated? And why is it 'practical' ?


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  • Oct 16 2012: Challenge accepted

    Challenge: Wisdom is when your reaction is equal to what you would've done if you had time to think about it.

    So experience is really the cornerstone of wisdom, if you want to be wiser you have to get out there and experience something new, (or maybe see someone else do it.) Because, as I see it, you can only become so familiar with something that your first thought/reaction is the right one, through a massive collection of trail and errors.

    Also I wonder if you get some good advice, and you can just imagine the situation(s) where this would come in handy, or get the adviser to tell a few examples, and in that way internalize this advise - put it into the subconscious - thus improving your wisdom?

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