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How can wisdom be gained?

"A wise person is made not born".
Is this true? Why?
If it is, how is wisdom accumulated? And why is it 'practical' ?


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  • Oct 8 2012: I believe wisdom can only be accumulated through pain and error. While it sounds morose, experience alone does not insure your wisdom: does the fact you are older make you wiser? I do not believe that true. Rather, I think the intensity of the experience and your choices decide whether you become 'wiser'.
    • Oct 9 2012: Intensity can turn you away from wisdom. Learning wisdom requires we think about the experience, turn it over and around in our minds so it settles firmly. Learning this lesson early in life can make you a wiser person in your later years. If you lean it later in life, it will still serve you well.

      Regrettably, wisdom can have a half-life and be lost altogether by mental disease such as Alzheimer.
      This brings up the question of whiter wisdom is really the main reason for living life. Can a person live a full and comfortable life with only simple wisdom at their command? Should a person's sole reason for living be devoted to learning wisdom?

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