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We all are divided by not just Our Nationalities but we are divided by the respective GOD We Worship or the Religion We Practice!

We are taught to follow a religion! We are told to believe in a GOD that our forefathers have believed in yet we have never been able to determine WHAT IS GOD RATHER WHO IS GOD.. Is Our GOD is the GOD that our forefathers have believed in or the definition of GOD has also changed with TIME!

Are we more in touch with our GOD or are we as distant as possible? Do we only think of GOD when our world's turned upside down? Or we think of him / her (Who Says GOD can not be a Woman) everyday?

And how do we define GOD? Who Is GOD?


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    Oct 9 2012: The idea of God comes from the right brain. Many see the creative forces of nature as "a creator" and seek to conceptualize it through personification. That is why there are so many different conceptions of God and why all of them are insufficient to explain what God is, because they are all associations stemming from the right brain.

    If you want to know what God is, you have to shed all preconceived notions of God and look at what is doing the creating. Science explains it through quantum mechanics, but the Catholic church divorced itself from science, so the debate continues with no compromise between the two. The church outraged the scientist and the scientist is not going to yield to the delusions of religious dogma and fundamentalism. Yet we see a pattern that is common to both. In the ancient world, gods were personifications of the forces of nature. In religion, the many gods became one (polytheism to monotheism). In science, the many forces became one (the forces of nature as separate, to the unified field theory). They are two different expressions of the same thing, seen from opposite sides of the brain.

    I believe the following link will address the quandary we are in.

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      Oct 10 2012: Symbolically I will agree about the right v. left dimensions of the brain.

      Practically, both sides work in sync, there is no real division.

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