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We all are divided by not just Our Nationalities but we are divided by the respective GOD We Worship or the Religion We Practice!

We are taught to follow a religion! We are told to believe in a GOD that our forefathers have believed in yet we have never been able to determine WHAT IS GOD RATHER WHO IS GOD.. Is Our GOD is the GOD that our forefathers have believed in or the definition of GOD has also changed with TIME!

Are we more in touch with our GOD or are we as distant as possible? Do we only think of GOD when our world's turned upside down? Or we think of him / her (Who Says GOD can not be a Woman) everyday?

And how do we define GOD? Who Is GOD?

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    Oct 8 2012: God is love.
    What the world needs is love; not just words professing love. Love even in the face of adversity, love, even for the enemy.
    It easy to love the lovable, but if we can love even when it hurts, if we can love our enemies; then we know God.
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    Oct 9 2012: The idea of God comes from the right brain. Many see the creative forces of nature as "a creator" and seek to conceptualize it through personification. That is why there are so many different conceptions of God and why all of them are insufficient to explain what God is, because they are all associations stemming from the right brain.

    If you want to know what God is, you have to shed all preconceived notions of God and look at what is doing the creating. Science explains it through quantum mechanics, but the Catholic church divorced itself from science, so the debate continues with no compromise between the two. The church outraged the scientist and the scientist is not going to yield to the delusions of religious dogma and fundamentalism. Yet we see a pattern that is common to both. In the ancient world, gods were personifications of the forces of nature. In religion, the many gods became one (polytheism to monotheism). In science, the many forces became one (the forces of nature as separate, to the unified field theory). They are two different expressions of the same thing, seen from opposite sides of the brain.

    I believe the following link will address the quandary we are in.

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      Oct 10 2012: Symbolically I will agree about the right v. left dimensions of the brain.

      Practically, both sides work in sync, there is no real division.
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    Oct 9 2012: God is the human experience that connects us to everything around us. It explains the unexplainable and conceptualizes infinity.
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    Oct 8 2012: God is an eternal spirit embodied in the man Jesus Christ.

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      Oct 29 2012: We need to be mindful of how language frames a statement so that it does not create the thing it claims. .
      You BELIEVE God is..., which differs from "God is."
      You have no personal experience of any god(s) that can serve as evidence that a god IS one way rather than another.
      So there is always a qualifier that is assumed in such statements as yours and the qualifier is "You".
      YOU believe god IS.
      The "is" of god remain in doubt.
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    Oct 8 2012: God is a gut feeling, not a reality.
    God is the feeling that things must've come from a loving creator, or that things in life are happening according to a mysterious plan, or that someone cares about what humans do. This feeling is universal, yet people constantly cross the line and try to interpret all of it as some kind of truth or worse, as an explanatory philosophy.
    Religion is what stand between you and the religious, as Joseph Campbell says.
  • Nov 3 2012: God is our creation and made easy to understand. the supernatural forces responsible for the existence of universe is termed as God. man came into existence recently. we gave genders to vehicles too. the cave man was scare of darkness, and natures wrath. he found sun is the remedy for dark, there is none sitting in the top and ruling the planet. it is not like a political system or administration.
    there are many self convincing philosophies washing the brain, rather confusing a lot. how can a salt crystal reveal the secret of ocean? if it tries it will get dissolved. the salt existence is no more...
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    Oct 22 2012: I think that science can't be proven right scince it's all build on theories,
    gravity for example is an invisible force wich we all believe in,
    maybe scientists have prooven it right but its still invisible,
    some would say it's the force that keep us stuck to the ground,
    but why don't we believe that God keeps us stuck on the ground insteed,
    in the end i believe that God is responsable of everything happening around us,
    and he should be worshipped instead of anything else.
    What do you think?
  • Oct 15 2012: Rather than a personified God, think of god-ness - the essence of being-ness, or the quality of be-ing.
    God-ness is the statement "THIS IS" which answers the dual question, "to be or not be?"
    "THIS IS" (the Big Bang) is the explosion of energy within which we and the universe exist. As this explosive energy cools and gels, self-awareness emerges, expressing the essence of be-ing-ness - to know that we are.
    Consciousness is the expression of this self-awareness.
    When we wonder "what am I?" we're expressing god-ness.
    As Joseph Campbell might have put it, we are the eyes and ears of the divine, that it might experience life.
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    Oct 10 2012: The following is from the mindset of a religious naturalist:

    There exist a cosmic consciousness. When striving to understand nature, one can potentially tap into said consciousness. 'How' an individual or group strives to understand nature will dictate the volume or frequency they receive from said consciousness. 'Why' an individual or group strives to understand nature will dictate the content or context they receive from said consciousness. 'What' ..... will dictate the practicality or value ....

    This cosmic consciousness... is God.

    When one denies God (in the omni-being sense), it satisfies the same emotional stability as the other who accepts God. The neurological mechanism involved in rejection/acceptance of God is crucial for the developing field of cognitive psychology of religion. Why do we have this instinct to question whether or not there is an originator/creator/protector? No matter the answer, we apparently do have the desire to know the answer.

    We have innate desires to question the metaphysical and want answers for them. When those 'answers' are given at the means of tradition and culture, they are easy to accept (groupthought theory). The Abraham religions simplify God far more than any other religious sects, which voids God of infinite meaning. Cultural norms (socially/religiously) should not be the difference between what you believe is justified behavior, belief or life style and not, but rather constant inquiry.

    What is profoundly more difficult is to expand the idea of God: What is the 'God' experience to humans, cognitively? When are we playing or enacting 'God-like' behavior? What is their definition of God, and how is it similar to mine? If God is nature, then the processes of naturalizing religion and making science virtuous, is working towards discovering God?

    If God is the cosmic consciousness permeating the universe, then how can we ever know what is the nature of God without knowing the nature of our own consciousness?
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      Oct 12 2012: As far as we know the metaphysical is pure speculation.
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        Oct 13 2012: Metaphysical: beyond the visual, touchable world includes everything but we can only speak about experience we all share.
        So metaphysics is self knowledge for that's all there is.
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          Oct 15 2012: If it involves some supposed spiritual realm, then at least that part is speculation.
  • Oct 9 2012: "God" is a culturally evolved version of the many superstitions brought about by the human tendency to anthropomorphize, to invest of anthropomorphic will and agency, things that we fear and/or don't understand.
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    Nov 4 2012: Hi Raj!

    Some of us here are not taugh to believe in god, nor we teach that to our children.


  • Nov 4 2012: hi, how are you
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    Oct 29 2012: Why is god a "who" and not a "what?"
  • Oct 26 2012: Food for thought, has anyone here actually read the bible in good detail?

    There are some seriously disturbing verses throughout the entire book.

    Very scary stuff. One quote, the bible states, is that if you sin with your eyes, you should gauge them out.

    Or if you sin with your hands you should cute them off. Yeah that makes sense, LOL

    Also the bible says that anyone who works on a Sunday should be put to death.
    If your religion uses the bible how can you support these remarks?
  • Oct 13 2012: God is whatever you want it to be. Most people know god as the creator of the world "earth".

    The questions is, did god create the world, or was it a result of the big bang? You decide.
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    Oct 12 2012: Could be" all things to all people" or whatever you want it to be if you choose to believe it.

    The Easy answer to a lot of unanswered questions, to those who don't wish to believe in science.

    The Meaning of life, the Universe and Everything when you have past 42 (apologies to Douglas Adams)

    A reason to believe ( oh wait that was Rod Stewart)
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    Oct 10 2012: God, like Brahma or Allah is just a word until some person give it any meaning.

    To me it is being itself, it is both everything and nothing.

    It is nothing in nature from which emanates consciousness that creates everything by desire.

    The workplace is space/time, the material is energy worked upon with the tool we call love.
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    Oct 10 2012: energy, we all are
    • Oct 11 2012: ... padawan.
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        Oct 11 2012: I understand its a reference to Star Wars.... but I don't see the correlation to what I said
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        Oct 11 2012: yoda is not a jedi apprentice?
        • Oct 11 2012: Yoda speaks in disorder. You said "energy, we all are" sounds like something Yoda would say, probably ending the sentence with "padawan."
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        Oct 11 2012: oh ok I was just I was just answering the question in the order he asked, I didn't even pay attention to the wording lol :)
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    Oct 9 2012: You might start with "are there any gods or goddesses"

    The answer is we don't know.

    We have no reliable way of knowing anything about any supernatural entities or some proposed spirit realm.

    In fact they do not seem to exist at all.

    If they do, we don't know anything about them, there is no evidence for them, no information about them. No evidence they intervene or interact with us. They might as well not exists.

    The fact we don't know whether they exist or anything about them probably helps explain why humans have invented thousands if not millions of different god concepts. That and our minds evolving to assume agency etc. About half of children have imaginary friends. We all have dreams that feel real. About 80-90% of human adults seem to still have imaginary, subjective, mostly invisible, inconsistent and conflicting supernatural beings in their world view.
  • Oct 8 2012: Fortunately, you do not require the answer to this before controlling your own behavior to speak and act in a positive manner at all times. Truth, joy, love. Power to the positive. Just think about how much power you have right now to elevate the joy level of one or more people today! Happy Today,
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    Oct 8 2012: although we dont know where is god and what is god
    i do think that god is around us .when we are sad god will help you get out of it and when we are hurt god will make us hold on ,and we will get through.

    i think it just like the fairy tales.
    god bless you