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Emotional quantum spaces - is it possible to mirror our emotional brain to the environment around us?

Can we create spaces that relate to our emotional brain as an algorithm within our natural environment, and uses the technology around us as an extension of our bodies?


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  • Oct 8 2012: Quantum mind technology exists and has actually been a field of study for sometime. Some interesting technologies have been introduced by DARPA , most of which is held under strict confidentiality due to national security. However there has been much hype lately about the use of binural beats and translating brain wave data into perceived reality through the use of intermediate devices. One application that resembles translating emotion into the visible realm that I've encountered is, rabbit ears that change their level of erectness based on how alert the wearers brain waves are in relation to its surroundings.
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      Oct 9 2012: The rabbit ears are indeed funny (http://neurowear.com/news/) as well as DARPAs applications (http://www.darpa.mil/NewsEvents/Releases/2012/09/18.aspx) yet:-) I believe there're ways to do this in a way that is not relay on physical dexterity.
      • Oct 9 2012: yes like a pillow or mattress that could self adjust various physical qualities based on wireless transmission of brain waves.Tangible data that can be digitized and translated to external network similar to the cloud.

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