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Faking suggests something quite negative, if we are able to do it then we have it within us... Perhaps just change the term faking?

As humans we have our natural abilities, and sometimes we get more used to using some set of abilities that become our dominant attributes... But trying something we have within us and finding we have that ability, perhaps should not be termed as faking... I like the talk and it's really useful for a lot of us, I think alot more people will be moved by this if faking is struck out...


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    Oct 9 2012: All of you have some really good points. I too was a little put off by her using the term "fake" to describe this process, although it is fairly accurate. It still conjures up some negative connotations in my mind when I hear people talk about faking things, but essentially "faking it" is to fool or persuade yourself into being more confident in this case, and not really geared towards manipulating others. Personally, I prefer to use what is referred to as "positive visualization," seeing yourself achieving a particular goal or seeing yourself as the person you desire to be until that becomes your reality. This is just another way of "faking it until you become it." Our thoughts and words become our reality. Think and speak positively and positivity is what you will receive!

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