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Faking suggests something quite negative, if we are able to do it then we have it within us... Perhaps just change the term faking?

As humans we have our natural abilities, and sometimes we get more used to using some set of abilities that become our dominant attributes... But trying something we have within us and finding we have that ability, perhaps should not be termed as faking... I like the talk and it's really useful for a lot of us, I think alot more people will be moved by this if faking is struck out...


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  • Oct 8 2012: Thanks for bringing this up. When the term popped up from the Speaker, it did lead me to draw a negative picture of what she was about to say later. I would prefer using "act as" to "fake", as the term would be neutral. But overall speech is really fascinating and inspiring! I've never known my body language say much than words!

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