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Should the world be allowed to dehumanize death row inmates and use them as lab rats for scientific reasons?

The Nazis did so with innocent people and found a lot of answers, would it make sense to do this with those who bare a burden to society?

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    Oct 8 2012: I wouldn't want to live in that kind of world.
    It would amount to punishing misdeeds with another grand expression of evil. As Mr Long has rightly stated, in all we do, even in a quest for the advancement of knowledge we should not lose sight of the dignity, sanctity and value of human life.
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    Oct 8 2012: The reason most death row inmates are in prison is because they violated society's selectively enforced rule about honoring the right to life of every human. The fact that they have forfeited their right to life is not justification to demean a person's life. Even the execution process itself, however long and drawn-out, ought to always recognize the dignity and value of human life.
  • Oct 15 2012: It would make sense if all the other laws are completely fair. If in the other laws, the punishment far exceeds the crime ( ), people are incentivized to commit greater crimes to prevent detection of their less serious crimes. For example, if the punishment for doing drugs is the death penalty, and if a person were witnessed doing drugs, the person doing drugs has incentive to kill his witnesses.

    If one were to make sure that people would go on the death row only if it was absolutely certain that they were serial killers or mass murderers, I don't see a problem with how they are disposed.
  • Oct 12 2012: Friends of Josef Mengele always said that someday he would be seen as, and considered, a hero.

    About 25 years ago as I recall, the ban on listing his work in scientific and medical journals that published breakthroughs in science and medicine, was lifted. Any professional who found, discovered or created a breakthrough in disease, medicine, and or science that was aided by his meticulous record keeping (and his work if you care to call it that) was now allowed to put his influencing experiments in as references. Thus, the beginning of elevating his status from the Angel of Death to one of pioneer. And there are those out there who are all too willing to work diligently to make his hero status a certainty.

    I don't think we should do as you have asked..............................................................UNLESS,
    we use those who are not in prison (politicians, lawyers, three-letter acronym agencies, corporate CEO's, religious leaders, spokespeople and believers and followers, bankers), in short those who steal the most from the coffers of the working slaves, those who carry out the most horrendous policies that kill millions of babies, children, adults, democracies, countries, and environments, as the lab rats.

    A great experiment would be to see if the conditions of the world improve if they were all gone because they thrive on inequality, poverty, slavery, greed, crime, war and death.

    It wouldn't hurt to find out.
    • Oct 12 2012: Now that's a good answer.

      Mengele is actually one of my top favorite ppl of all time, so yes his work is very relevant and good info. You make a great point about the scumbags of the world but think about it this way: a world where there is a group who studies and uses these ppl as lab rats in order to eliminate evil would actually influence evil. It will never be diminished unless we all evolved into robots and at a push of a button Wars could be turned off.

      Idk if that made any sense
      • Oct 12 2012: "Mengele is actually one of my top favorite ppl of all time" Really? I wonder if the people he "worked" on felt this way? Sorry but someone had to ask you about this one....
        • Oct 13 2012: As a scientist, yes. I highly doubt they liked him.
      • Oct 14 2012: I dont know what to say to this, either your kidding or your sadistic... There are plenty of scientists who have done research on themselves which deserve celebrating. Dr. Mengele is science without humanity he is a great example of what science looks like without a conscience, frankly it scares me that you have such reverence for a a monster. What is it that you like about him?
        • Oct 14 2012: Its because I have no conscience or maybe I'm just a psychopath since I'm very aware of right from wrong(I'm kidding) haha. I think you're over analyzing. There's many psychopathic individuals in history that people admire/appreciate, one of them is Hitler. Not for the evil he caused but for his intelligence. Julius Caeser, President Bush, the existence of the United States and its imperialistic behavior and all the many Empires in history. Choosing to like Josef Mengele's work doesn't mean I'm automatically evil, just means I enjoy a good reference. Yes, he did practice sadistic behavior(in respect to both of our moral values(I'll assume you're normal according to society and your reaction to my comment)) but it was relevant work with no chains attached that medicine uses today, that's all. Now would I have enjoyed watching it, NO WAY! I would have had no choice but to save them( I love children). Maybe that last sentence contradicts my beliefs or everything I just said, but that's just where I stand. I'm sorry.
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      Oct 13 2012: Is it Random?

      Or will someone just come along and fill up the vacuum and start the process all over again?, We are Hierachal beings, we always have been. The experiment will be void once we look at each other and ask "So who do we give the results to? Where's our funding gone? Sorry, i'm with Brian on this.
      • Oct 13 2012: Ken?
        Not sure what you are referring to.
        I'm not for something like this and Josef is not one of my favorite people.
        Are you sure you meant me?

        Unfortunately, people have been filling the evil vacuum since Mengele led, bled and fled.
        They are in power in America which is one reason Mengele was allowed to go free.
        The U.S. wanted to know what he had learned so they wanted his records.
        They helped him.
        They allowed so many German scientists to come to America, gave them good jobs, great pay, and without punishment for what they were a part of.

        I'm not sure what you mean, though. Do you believe your leaders? I don't. Not one, not one word and their action speaks all I need to know.
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          Oct 13 2012: Sorry Random.

          It wasn't meant to carry any hidden connotation or slight accusation but a good drawcard for an excellent response you just posted.

          My current government have botched things politically but that's what the country wanted and that's what we got except the oppositions policies almost mirrored the current parties policies, so it really didn't matter who we elected.

          I'm not American so i only know a little about their history, I thought it was only the scientists that worked on the weapons projects that were taken over not Mengele so thanks, i learnt something new again.
    • Oct 15 2012: "A great experiment would be to see if the conditions of the world improve if they were all gone because they thrive on inequality, poverty, slavery, greed, crime, war and death."

      This experiment has been tried several times. Here are the results:
      inequality -- reduces somewhat, poverty -- increases greatly, slavery -- increases greatly, greed -- increases, crime -- I don't know, war -- about the same, and death -- people die earlier.

      Look up the reasons for the downfall of communism. Go live in a communist country if you want to try it for yourself.
  • Oct 15 2012: Who needs inmates when there are school-children to vaccinate & force-medicate?