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Our eyes share some of the same properties as black holes.

Forgive me if I don't present this idea in a manner that is easily understood. I propose that our eyes act as black holes sucking in all visible light around them. I believe this explains why when conducting the light slit experiment ( and viewing the waves after they pass through the slits; the viewer finds that the waves seem to go back in time and reconstitute themselves as though they were never waves. Its almost like conscious observance of the waves forces them to change their form to accommodate the seeming force of pull being exerted on them by simply being observed. This would also add fuel to the fire of a global consciousness because it would relate gravity to conscious thought. That is my basic thought. I could go more in depth but i'm hoping someone understands what i'm saying. I put together a video kind of trying to explain it in a way that helped me understand my own thought. ( P.S. Everything from morgan freeman and on was a video called Quantum World by Symphony of Science. I am really hoping for some educated answers here and some understanding of what i'm trying to say so that I might be able to say it better.

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    Oct 11 2012: Einstein said energy was fluid matter. A packet of light energy has weight and takes-up space so there can be no vacuum where there is light. Light is subject to gravity. Maybe the only true vacuum (infinite gravitational force) is beyond the event horizon of a Black Hole? In the Holy Bible the first thing God created was Light (even before the Sun and the Moon and the Stars), so the Sun is not the cause of light, it is an effect of light. The eye is the instrument which allows detection of light in a visible manor. Biological processing of information, aka conscious thought, seems to be independent of gravity. You are suggesting otherwise Mr. Walter?
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    Gail .

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    Oct 8 2012: I suspect that soon, we will be relating conscious thought to gravity. So many who know how to deliberately manifest our realities understand that as a fundamental essence of life itself. What we focus upon becomes.

    The science behind that is in the works as the new field that is studying "mind" expands and become more informed.

    However to limit your supposition to those who are not congenitally blind (blind from birth) is to distract from the more important issue. Even the blind perceive patterns - just not patterns caused by photons hitting the retina. But even the blind manifest reality - whether deliberately or not.
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      Oct 8 2012: I totally understand that you don't have to be able to see to understand patterns but my main point was focusing on how photons react to observation. This issue of particles becoming waves and then back to particles again without a clear explanation has been something I have thought about for a long time. In my mind I see every galaxy in the sky as a conscious viewer of our reality. When their eye opens to our reality light and energy begins rushing toward them as to be measured and viewed. It makes me wonder if the conclusion with the slit experiment would have the same results if the observer on the other side was blind. Great answer, thank you. Most the people I talk to about this think i'm mad.
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        Gail .

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        Oct 9 2012: I too agree that if it exists, it is an observer, and I'm not so ready to accept the theory provided by the Heisenberg principle, where I also think we agree. I prefer to see the observer(s) in the twin-slit as choosing to see/perceive the probable futures (the so-called interference pattern) or the present moment.

        If I don't know which slit the photons pass through, I see the most probable futures (the interference pattern) available. If I want to know what's happening now, I see the present (no interference pattern that I prefer to call the probability pattern). I'll grant that photons have wave energy, but not that the energy collapses into a particle merely by being observed, though that might still be true

        But my conception of time(s) = very different from most, which gets some on this site rather angry.

        I agree that galaxies have their own consciousness, but so does every atom in the twin-slit room as well as the room itself. We are part of a "field", just as galaxies exist as part of a unifying field (which was discovered when an astronomer discovered that stars in a galaxy travel at the same speed as opposed to what happens in our solar system where the closer to the sun, the faster the rate of travel. This could only happen if they are part of a larger, unseen structure, which astronomers say means that a galaxy is held together as a unit by dark energy.)

        this "unifying field" is probably the same "unified field" that quantum physicists are probing, and why so many are beginning to say that we do, in fact, manifest our own realities by virtue of our thoughts/emotions/beliefs - probably using this energy.
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          Oct 10 2012: Maybe the particles don't actually change at all and its our own individual energy fields that makes them appear as though they are particles but in realty, when they are outside our field they stay as waves. Almost like looking through the bottom of an old coke bottle and looking at something. The image distorts. I hope that made sense... it did in my head. lol
  • Nov 7 2012: Have a question about this.
    My understanding is that there is a tremendous amount of light in the universe but not a lot for it to reflect off of.
    Thus, we don't see it.

    Also, the amount of light there is, compared to the amount we see, is as insignificant as we are in size to the rest of the universe. So,if our eyes act like black-holes (a very interesting concept to me), sucking in all the available light, then how come we don't see what is there in those light fields? Or, put another way, the larger amount of available light is carrying information of a sort in it or with it, but we can't see it. Why not?

    Maybe we are but don't know that or falsely think we are seeing our true reality when we are not.
  • Oct 25 2012: Here is a thought, we are the organism created to awaken black holes which in turn explodes the planet closest and once again we go flying through space till we find another ball of energy, hit and start all over maybe there is a reason for your observation...
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    Oct 10 2012: I would suggest this is why we have mass/matter and why we see in 3d as well as have color:

    I believe matter exist because we are pattern seekers. Trying to perceive something that might be there or not. I imagine this is how the eye was developed. First the cells were attracted to the light(sun) then they had to imagine or invoke the lights energy wave. I would suggest that the evolving eye(this can be seen as the pituitary gland) they saw all wave lengths of light but was seen(use loosely) as static or white noise. Then from there we (us bacteria and other single celled orgasms) attempted and tried to make patterns out of this static. As these patterns emerged they became our conceptual understanding of reality. As a consciousness we agreed to use these patterns real or otherwise as our collective understanding of the physical world. Just trying to make sense of it all on a fundamental level.

    We seeing in 3d because we have 2 eyes we take this static and make patterns and then we lay those patterns over top of each other sorta like the stereograms. if we were all cyclopes we would not live in this 3d world for wewould not have as great of depth.
    We create the blank space out of the dept that emerges and add color so we can see all the detail of the amazing reality.
    Mr Mandelbrot talks about his amazing infinite fractal code which with 3 or for turns of his code created a 3d image. He is not sure why he added color but it so he could see all the amazing patterns and there detail. The colors part is not till the end but you should watch the whole video