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Can music really be an industry?

These days a singer needs to be good looking because we want to see him/her as much as we want to listen to his/her music. Adele gets 'looks' related questions/remarks everyday prompting her to remark (paraphrased) ' I make music for ear not eyes.'
Music is a billion dollar industry now, having finest of technology, expertise and marketing involved. Plus every second a listener's choice is influenced by iconic star cult. It's a complex and chaotic breeding ground of innovation and business.
But one who sees music as an art may be confused in this frenzy.
Art fails when it's made with market in mind. I doubt whether music industry realizes that. Do you?


Closing Statement from Pabitra Mukhopadhyay

My conclusion: Music as a performing art is beyond economic valuation. The artful inspiration behind music is anything other than money. However, music recording, concerting, distributing in different forms of communication media can be an Industry. May be we should call it a music related industry.

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    Oct 10 2012: The era of the internet came, giving the opportunity for independent producers to have their go but there they are messing with the audience's mind again.
    I live in Japan now and a few days ago a new cyber law was approved that states that any kind of copyright infringement on the Japanese music industry could get one incarcerated for up to 2 years! Japan is one of the nations with the lowest piracy rate in the world. Only 3% and they made accepted such a punishment claiming to be loosing to much funds!!!!
    I'm not claiming that piracy is ok but instead addressing the awareness of the amount of power they've got in their hands and growing...
    I must end my participation in this thread with a shout to anyone that appreciates music by it's pure nature:
    YOU, the listener, the fan are being deceived when you feel you are supporting your idol when you buy their products and are the only one qualified to change this scenario. Awareness NOW...
    Thank you and Good bye

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