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How might the world be different today, if the First World War never happened?

I've given this question some thought recently. I thought about the questionable – but all too human – causes for WWI. Then I thought about the Middle East, and how the Allies divided it after WWI (and how the resulting conflicts continue today). And then I thought about WWI being one of the causes of WWII, and how scores of towns & cities in England, France, Germany, Japan and elsewhere were decimated. And then there was the formation of Israel in 1948.

Think of the changes in international relations, peace, politics, economics, trade & foreign policy, terrorism, poverty, and the rise of hopelessness in parts of the world. I'm almost overwhelmed by the number of answers there must be to my question (in addition to the things that will never be known). I just hope there is value in asking it.

And then I thought I would pose it to the TED Community.


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  • Oct 8 2012: the reprocussions are unknowable. Europe would be much more populated, nuclear weapons may not have been created, etc.

    It is truly mind boggling the amount of changes that could occur if one simple thing changed.

    For example at work it was shortly before coffee so I thought 'maybe I should go now' 'na' and worked still, but if that no would have been a yes there is a high probability of me and maybe another person dying that day.

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