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Can we use the kinect to map the muscular activity of patient with mobility disorder and use the obtained map to devise a rehabilitation pla

Patients affected by stroke have a hard time to initiate a rehab program like which muscles to start to retrain. If we can map the body's muscular activity then we can show to patients which muscle groups are deficient and help them devise a program to strengthen the involved muscles. For "mapping purpose" PET scan can fulfill this goal but the actual cost of performing PET scan is prohibitive. Kinect has an infra red sensor but is used to evaluate distance-if we can reprogram the activity of the infrared sensor then the kinect is a perfect tool for mapping the muscular activity. (We can use other techniques to complement the initial evaluation, and use the kinect for monitoring progress.)

  • Oct 10 2012: This sounds like an excellent idea. Using kinect together with 3D motion sensors attached to the limbs at various points could produce a data model of the body movements. The data from a stroke patient could be compared to data from healthy people of the same size to pinpoint the problem areas. This should definitely be developed.
  • Oct 8 2012: I dont know about the kinect, but the Wii has been used on people who experience strokes and such to get the brain -> muscle relays working better, allows for primary muscle training to occur without straining them.