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Glowing cactus as light source for places that do not have access to electricity.

What do you think about it?
It can be free, you just maintain it with some soil and water.
It's environmental friendly, it produces more oxygen and eliminates carbon dioxide.
It's organic, but you don't eat it!
Unlike other GMO products, you just use it, it doesn't go into your gut and have the possibility of getting unwanted gene products into your body.

The science:
There still are places that do not have access to electricity, and have the convenience of switching a light bulb to see in the dark. Solar power panels and other renewable energy could offer great lighting, but are they sustainable? You still need materials to build the solar panels and they would ware out in time. As for the Glowing cactus it's renewable, you it could reproduce bu itself, you don't need a factory to produce them etc.

The idea is to genetically modify it so the cactus could glow, with proteins of bacteria, fireflies or other deep sea dwelling creatures.
I know that people would say that it could be a threat to other native plants, genetically modified organisms should be kept in labs, and many other concerns.

For me, I think it's a energy source that is really renewable. I also think it's putting GMO to good use, just make sure the cactus is not eaten. For what I know plants in your home don't get eaten.

How about using electric eels to produce electricity?
I bet every one has thought of that!!!

  • Oct 25 2012: How to prevent an organism that absorbs not to consume? Not to mention animals and mankind's ability to blindly through things over its shoulder as it walks forward, with care or concern, out of sight out of mind and you have an environment for disaster, so whatever you design and I love the idea has to be edible or kept from mankind...
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    Josh S

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    Oct 20 2012: This was an awesome idea! The first eco-friendly idea that i genuinely liked. I can't see any huge problems with it that can't easily be fixed, its amazing!

    -great idea
  • Oct 10 2012: This is one genetic modification idea that I like. Now figure out how to keep it from spreading. People who like to live in the deserts might not appreciate it if they start glowing at night.
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    Oct 9 2012: This idea had me thinking all night.
    Who would manage the distribution of this idea? Would least developed countries/poor communities have free access to this? (Get it at no cost?) GM's have seem to cause problems in the past due to "who owns" the seed.
    Also, would it affect any other species?
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    Oct 7 2012: If you can figure this out you could make a lot of money. I want some for my yard and it's already freezing where I live. How cool would that be to have a walkway lined with glowing cacti!
    • Oct 9 2012: Actually it's not difficult, there are enzymes such as luciferase which could produce light. Theoretically you could clone the enzymes into the cactus then the cactus can glow.
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        Oct 10 2012: How many candels of light would this thing cast? Could it replace a lightbulb or would it be a safety measure?