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What does it take to become a doctor?

Doctors want to help people. What other qualities or personality traits should they have? What should their motivation be?

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    Oct 8 2012: What should their motivation be? You answered the main question to that yourself...they want to help people.

    After that, some may be motivated by the financial income of doing it, although not all. There are many doctors who provide their services at a much less income-producing level by volunteering to do humanitarian services in poor countries, etc.

    Some do research only (after their internship) and may never work "hands on" with an actual patient. But they may feel they are still "helping people", which they would be.

    What qualities should they have? Lots of different ones. But one big one I would suspect that successful doctors end up having is the understanding that they are in an eventual "no win" discipline. They may be able to help someone "live longer", but in the end everybody dies despite the best efforts of the doctor. So compassion (at least to me) is a necessary quality, but it has to be tempered with reality. The doctor may be caught between "rules of the discipline" such as the Hippocratic Oath which is subject to controversy today because of differing integrity, moral, ethical, and legal debates. And these debates may take different sides depending on who the doctor "works for".
  • Oct 7 2012: "What does it take to become a doctor?"

    People skills, hard work, a strong stomach, rich parents.
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    Oct 8 2012: first doctor is a profession which need care and patient.when you become a doctor ,you must have the respionablity of take well care of the patient and do some reseach about how to bring pleasure to the patients.and how can we make them recover quickly .

    since it is a job of caring people ,we should learn something about communicate and deal with the person.