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The problem when you all guesstimate your goals?

You only do what you feel like doing? You only do what's comfortable. That's why you don't have what you want? You guesstimate the mental effort and physical effort and the percived consequences you'll have to deal with? Most people can't think foward. My own opinion take the hard raod people and the work will pay off or am i wrong haters need not reply I get it. We are shaped by our own thoughts and stopped by the guesstimate factor?


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  • Oct 15 2012: One of the best lessons my father taught me was that if something is easy to do, it probably is not worth doing.

    Everything that is worth achieving requires difficult effort.

    Once you really learn that lesson, the work, the difficulties, and the frustrations all seem routine, and life gets easier.

    And the achievements are cherished.
    • Oct 15 2012: I just want to inspire people to reach their own unknown potential if I can enable them to reflect and watch their own thoughts ? You had a wise father to teach you that lesson of life I wish to teach that same lesson. To anyone who still dose not understand ? Be well barry we need more people like you in the world.

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