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Engineering World Peace Now.

Your potential is limited by one thing you. You only do what you feel like doing . You do what's comfortable. That's why you don't have what you want and your not alone. You guesstimate the mental effort and physical effort and the precieved consequences am I wrong? My point this is possible but not if we stop before we ever really try. Smart Decisions are made with smart actions join the people who think world peace and act on their deeds.

  • Oct 8 2012: Solidus, This is a worthy task you undertake. You can also say "Your potential is unlimited. You do what you feel like doing." This makes sense to me. If all of us followed our positive whims, we could co-create the peaceful, harmonious world of our highest hopes. Let's do it.
    • Oct 8 2012: Thank you my ambition is the ted prize the funds will enable others who want to build a world platform for this ambition. I hope you will vote for me be well .
      Solidus Sharp