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How to change a society

Some of our societies are so unrespectful for everything and anything , and some of you know what I'm talking about , I mean when that drop stuff on the street or anything , what are they thinking of ? , don't they know that a person who's dieing everyday from morning to sunset to feed his family will take this thing dyer they drop it? Who are you ? Who do you think you are to force someone to work for without even lookin at him?
Another example "teasing" : this word has become so famous that past few years , why ? Becuase a lot of people are showing interest in t , I mean , people tease each other at schools , families etc. , why do we do it ? When we do this , what are we thinking of? You could've been on his place -the guy who you are teasing- how would you feel if someone just came to you and hit or shout at you or swear at you for no reason?
I want to see your opinions , and I'm sorry if I have any grammer mistakes , English is not my mother language

  • Oct 9 2012: I believe teasing is a form of sadism. The best way to change society is to do what we want others to do, e.g., tell the truth all the time, use positive words and commit positive acts at every opportunity.
    • Oct 9 2012: Well that is n excellent way in society that accept other's ideas , in my case any new ideas would be considered a revolution and I would e punished , anway I actually posted this becuase I know that it would never change, and Your idea is really great , but no matter what society you are in it's nearly impossible to change a whole society by just doing what you want others to do . I love a quote which Ghandi said
      "be the change that you want to see in the world"