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What would you REALLY love to do with your life …?

I would love to wake up every morning with a sense of excitement at what the day may bring, knowing that because I love what I am doing, the only work I undertake is that which fulfils my passions; I believe this is possible for everyone ... but who will listen?

I would love to live my life with a sense of belonging and excited anticipation, where everyone is able to share with others the magnificence of our world through the unlimited potential of imagination and interaction ... but who will listen?

I would love to be part of a global society where appreciation of our differences thrives and where everyone can be true to themselves without judgement; a society that promotes a respectful and enriching environment in which every individual can thrive according to their own ambition and contribution ... but who will listen?

I would love to see the day when responsible, productive and prosperous organisations are a true reflection of the wellbeing of the communities and individuals they serve ... but who will listen?

I would love to reach a point when fear and greed are weapons found only in history books and where helping others find enjoyment and fulfillment is the driving force of our growth and that of our children ... but who will listen?

I would love to participate in the empowerment, excitement and positive experiences of as many people around the world as possible, as I understand our world to be a reflection of the choices made by all of those who live in it ... but who will listen.

I would love to experience life through the creative thoughts in my mind which expand my heart every time I think about them ... but who will listen?

I would love for life to be the most exhilirating adventure that we all get to experience … but who will listen?

Feel free to contribute your own ‘I would love … but who will listen’ story and see where it takes you. You may be surprised at how many people are ready to listen.

Cheers, Ray


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    Oct 8 2012: I am currently in the process of trying to reform my life towards what I want to do. Within the past 6 months I have developed something of an affinity for quantum physics. It is something I would really like to just jump right into because it makes me feel alive even thinking about the equations and what they represent. I did not have any proper schooling towards this goal and was forced to leave school for a GED after my father went to jail because the kids at school made it very difficult for me to continue. Only now, after a decade of searching have I found something that really makes me feel like i'm worth something and have something to contribute.

    I have also been searching for this idea of an end to money and power and would like to suggest something to you that I have gotten involved in : http://www.facebook.com/TheVenusProjectGlobal?ref=stream. I have come to realize that the only people that truly hold us back are ourselves.
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      Oct 9 2012: Jeremy, I think it is great that you have found something that gives you the motivation to move away from issues that I can only feel must have caused you a lot of hardship. I am aware of The Venus project as well as a number of others including the Thrive Movement etc. which I think are all based on the same desire to end continuous struggle. Like you, I have also acquired a fascination with quantum physics, which I truly believe will create a much better understanding of life itself as it becomes more well known within mainstream education.

      Thanks for your contribution to this post and I hope that you continue to discover new ways to find the life you deserve.

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