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growing pigs, chickens, and greens in each cities

The pigs would eat the left greens ans provide food to the citizens. I know some of them don't eat pork. chickens eat quite the same. It could be easy to too make fertilizer with the garbages.
Growing pork,chicken and vegetables around the cities, fed with with delete greens could provide very low price food to people, cut the transportation costs and give work to people....It is a dream, I know....


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    Oct 26 2012: You can grow greens. You can grow carrots.You can grow trees and flowers. You can grow fungus in your fridge or mold in your bathroom. You can grow a big beard or long hair. You can grow your toenails.
    You do not "GROW" animals.
    I really don't think I need to explain this concept, it is pretty clear.
    I like your forward thinking and I would love to hear other ideas you can come up with that don't include killing animals.

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