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growing pigs, chickens, and greens in each cities

The pigs would eat the left greens ans provide food to the citizens. I know some of them don't eat pork. chickens eat quite the same. It could be easy to too make fertilizer with the garbages.
Growing pork,chicken and vegetables around the cities, fed with with delete greens could provide very low price food to people, cut the transportation costs and give work to people....It is a dream, I know....


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  • Oct 7 2012: chickens don't eat quite the same as pigs. It is important to know the distinction in eating practices between both if you are to ever try this.

    Also it is a dream because people move to the city to get away from the farm, they don't want the stink of pig or chicken in their back yard. Also I have the feeling many people would get squeemish when it came time to slaughter

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