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Why not make power poses the way you behave all the time?

If these poses are so good for increasing power and improving outcomes, increasing testosterone, and reducing stress and cortisol, why not adopt these power poses as your natural way of inhabiting the world? Why only do this just before an interview - why not all the time?

What would the social impact be if you assumed dominant poses all the time, regardless of with whom you are socializing?

The experimental data would suggest that merely adopting these poses, regardless of any mental intention or thought, is sufficient to produce the desired beneficial effect. Would doing this all the time "wear out" the effect, or strengthen the effect?

Would combining a mental intention - such as doing great at a job interview - with adopting the pose amplify the effect?


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    Oct 7 2012: Dear Danger,
    You ask..."Why not make power poses the way you behave all the time?"

    In a comment on another thread, you speak about "self actualization", and you write..."Regular mind practice (or substitute the phrase spiritual practice if you prefer), over time, reveals the joy that has always been all around us, ours for the taking if we but know how".

    I agree with your statement, and believe that the body language practice that Amy Cuddy proposes, is simply another part of self actualization....another way to "know" ourselves by using this mind and body practice.

    Science is discovering more and more about how the body/mind works together. I'm sure you know that it has been proven that laughing and crying release healing endorphins in the brain? When that was discovered many years ago, people started using the phrase..."laughter is good medicine":>)

    As we learn more about the function of the body/mind, we have an opportunity to find balance in our every day practices. It has been shown, that communication is about 65% body language. I have had conversations with people around the world when we do not even speak the same verbal language, and yet we understand each other because of body language.

    What Amy teaches, is not about having power and dominance, but rather, learning about ourselves and all the tools we have available to us to learn, grow, evolve, and communicate in this life experience. It is about finding balance in ourselves and our actions/reactions. We are multi sensory, multi dimensional human beings, and we can experience humility and confidence, as well as many other feelings at the same time. It is about being mindful, aware, and knowing ourselves to be able to be truly effective, while traveling this earth life experience and evolving in ourselves as individuals, as well as improving the whole to the best of our ability.

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