Goldmark Anthony Indico

Elementary Grades Teacher, DepEd Philippines

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COLLABORATION of TEACHERS: Teaching the Classroom Teacher

Teachers LETs all connect in making the new brand of TEACHERS
By looking at this KEY CONCEPTS

1. How do we become the TEACHER?
2. Where can we work together?
3. Can we collectively learn from each other?
4. The Teachers as a NETWORK.
5. Promote BETTER TEACHER Training.( Especially in the third worldm)
6. The OTHER potetials of TEACHERS other than be in the classroom.
7. Creating a platform for better connections.

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    Oct 7 2012: Of course you have made no error in proposing your idea! I just think you may find value in visiting websites speciifically aimed at educators, where educators do already share ideas and collaborate.

    Here is one among many:

    Here is one specific to the Elementary grades:
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    Oct 7 2012: ok i think you can get togrther your partners and have a train for them and give them the computers to let them learn
    gradually they will have a good learn and can teach yourchildrens that is good
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    Oct 7 2012: There are things you cannot learn on videos. The TEDEd if I am not mistaken is a portal for learning. I believe also that I have committed as serious error in presenting the idea. My apologies. My idea should have been a formation of teacher networks that share knowledge, skills, resources,creative ideas in teaching and learning etc in collaborative platform. Which aims to aid,create and train the new generation of teachers who are adept in ways that allows better and optimal learning. Newbies in as well traditional teachers need this badly. Why because educational systems trap us in beurucracy and isolation. That is why I implore to you brilliant minds to contribute to such idea in the making.
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    Oct 7 2012: Have you noticed the Ted-Ed part of this site: ?