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Free will and the illusory open-ness of the future.

The controversy seems to be making a comeback through quantum mysticism and such attempts to put consciousness at the core of reality.
I've seen comments about this on several discussions. I'd love to see how far these arguments go in favour or not of the reality of free will.


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  • Oct 9 2012: In the context of QM the whole issue of freedom of choice and determinism goes into the melting pot.
    All is flow, all is flux, all relationships are in motion to everything else.
    I think, it’s a truer picture of the world.

    In a philosophical context : the 'thing' is what it is and what it is not . One side exists by the virtue of the other. It is set up as a dichotomy, but it is one thing it is entangled , but we perceive it as opposites. IOW . determinism and free will are just concepts that represent the motion of human consciousness and are two sides of the same coin.

    Something like this ... :)

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