Goldmark Anthony Indico

Elementary Grades Teacher, DepEd Philippines

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Open to All IDEAS

  • Oct 7 2012: 1. Engage families. Ask grandparents and parents to do art work the kids can bring to school on themes, unsigned.
    2. Empower students. Ask rather than tell. Make them find their own answers and inspire/reward investigation.
    3. Provide experiences as well as knowledge.
    4. Find a way to involve local social, philisophical, and community leaders.
    5. Let the student help maintain whatever facility they learn in to understand its importance
    6. Perhaps play soothing music during lunch
    7. Explain and teach life lessons, such as importance of hardwork, deferred gratification, and positive attitude.
    8. Find ways to generate pride and relavance for your scholl relative to other schools.
    9. Ask teachers to make special efforts to respect students at all ages. Talking down to them gets noticed.
    10. Ask students what is important to them at the beginning of the year and try to establish fit it in lesson plans.
  • Oct 7 2012: Reread Gandhi's autobiograhy and also look at whatg you can reasonably afford and the options available.