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I am a newbie teacher. I have been struggling in teaching Elementary Grades to learn FELLOWSHIP effectively. I need your ideas to give me a kickstart.





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    Oct 6 2012: Give students ample experience in collaborative work and applaud their participation and accomplishment as members of teams rather than singling out individuals typically for acknowledgement as individuals,
  • Oct 8 2012: Hi Goldmark

    I recommend to read Robert B Dilts' DYNAMIC LEARNING , VISIONARY LEADERSHIP books and if you got time follow Richard Bandler's tips for learning and teaching. they actually teach us how to teach how to learn.

    you can teach me (say) FELLOWSHIP, I may understand I may not, it depends on my mood and interest, but if you can teach me how to learn FELLOWSHIP, then it be become interesting to me. I may start to get interested in it because I know how I can learn it and apply it.

    I am teaching some teenagers how to learn foreign languages, spelling, speed-reading ... etc
    I made them to believe that they can learn any languages if they really want, (by giving them several reasons why they would want that language) Picking their interest by making learning much more easier than traditional school.

    Say: for non English there are these Irreguar Verbs' List to learn (by heart) . at school the teacher give them the list and says: " here is the full list you got to know that by the end of the semester"
    The students come home scared because there are more then 300 words with different spelling. some of them have no idea how to break it down to easy-to-earn way - they end up learning it from A to Z ... by the end of the year they hardly know first 10. The way that traditional school teaches isn't always easy to learn. they just do what they have been told to.

    If you follow my tips and check these people out you will start to become aware of how you can detect student learning process and help them to use it more effective, and your teaching will become much more fun

    Good luck

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    Oct 8 2012: @ TED Lover I would like FELLOWSHIP to be understood as collaborative idea not just a Christian terminology. Thank You.
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    Oct 7 2012: GAI, The best means of obtaining your goals is through group activities. Fellowship can be obtained on the playground and through mutual likes and dislikes. Leadership is often by mutual consent of elevating one person to a higher plane either through percieved intelligence or having the skill necessary at the moment. So in the group it is important to ensure that each student is placed in a leadership position. After "being a leader a few times it will empower the student to better self confidence and elevate them among other students as well.

    As a coach and an instructor of many years it is very dificult to not have favorites and to not recoginize academic leaders and talented athletes. However we must advise them that it is a team effort and academics is a collaberative effort.

    It is often not the ego of the child that the teacher is soothing but that of the parents. Kids are adaptive ... parents can be brutal. So proceed with caution.

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    Gail .

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    Oct 7 2012: I am not from the Philippines. In the USA, fellowship is a christian term. Do you intend it to be understood this way or did you mean something other than Christians coming together ?
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      Oct 17 2012: IfI were to redefine it in our society would it not be a good idea?
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        Gail .

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        Oct 18 2012: No. It would confuse - at least in the US. It would cause great anger.
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        Gail .

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        Oct 22 2012: Though "a" fellowship is an academic award, the term "fellowship" by itself is what Christians do when they come together to worship and socialize.

        In the USA, Christianity is on the decline and there is growing anger at the church since it turned mean and aggressive over the last 20 years or so. Christians would happily assume that it meant a prayer-related group and non-christians, assuming the same thing, would be offended.

        Is there something wrong with the word "cooperation" or "teaming"? The words are already understood in a neutral context.
  • Oct 6 2012: I am not a teacher, but perhaps some of the following will work:
    1. Do something as a class for sing at a Sr. citizen's home, collect food, or clean up an area.
    2. Look into the reflections program for rewarding artistic efforts. Perhaps create a category for class entries, like a collage where every student gets a section to create something. (
    3. Have a Super Citizen reward for an entire class
    4. Have a party where every child enters one song they like the best and all songs are played.
    5. Ropes and Initiatives type class for kids that is age appropriate. Perhaps like (
    6. Ask you local Scouting organizations what they use for similar experiences at whatever age you are teaching.
    7. Weight contests and competition with a high cooperation and fellowship factor.
    8. Ask your students to each teach a skill to the class. Something simple, like making a paper airplane, singing a song, drawing a figure, etc.
    9. Create a class collection competition, different classes, different collections, but give points for not only bringing things to their collection, but also the collections of the other classes.
    10. Make a paper chain with contributions form each class member, then connect them and get a total for each grade, then one for the whole school. Compare and reward each level.