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Where to find cutting edge teaching and learning methodologies?

Schools, classrooms and methodologies have not changed much in the last few decades whereas our world has changed dramatically. I come from Mumbai, India and even the most prestigious high school sin my country follow the traditional paradigm where students spend 6+ hours everyday in the instructional lecturing mode.

The lecturing methodology, I believe, is failing miserably and is no longer relevant. First, every student is different and it is so difficult to address an entire class of 30 or even worse 50 assuming they are all on the same 'wavelength'. Second, lecturing is just plain boring. Hardly anyone pays attention. Third, lecturing may be the worst possible way to impart information. While some of the conceptual stuff may require instructional lecturing, students of today have the entire world of information available at their fingertips on their smartphones (which we inexplicably ban from schools).

My question is, what is your vision of tomorrow's education system? Also, is there anything out there already that you would recommend?


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  • Nov 5 2012: Salman Khan of Khan Academy fame discusses in his TED talk about "inverting the classroom" - students watch the pre-recorded lecture on video on their own time where the student can repeat portions not understood. The classroom is where students work problems and are helped by the teacher as needed. The Khan Academy site lets each student go at his or her own pace, and keeps track of progress.

    Many or most core topics could be learned individually on computers, allowing the arts (music, drawing/painting, drama, dance) to be taught experientially in the social construct of school.

    More and more schooling and learning systems are online, and many are free on the Internet. There is very little a motivated student can't learn, and at little or no cost other than the time investment. Here's an amazing collection of free learning sites:

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