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Why is Gangnam Style so successful ? -- concert -- song

enough said

  • Nov 5 2012: The song has a certain appeal because it's cheerful, genuine and exotic. Why it beat all the other songs with the same properties? Probably just coincidence, as is often the case with huge overnight success, viral or otherwise.
  • Nov 5 2012: 2 reasons
    1- social media
    2- it has been published with no copy rights so we have found so many parodies
  • Oct 10 2012: It's random, quirky, funny, odd strange weird and completely random and due to these traits, it is appealing to people. They thinkit to be 'sparky' some weird alien thing they've never seen before and therein lies the secret of its awesomeness and viral popularity. It's something different!
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    Oct 7 2012: Two things : the choreography and the randomness of its videoclip.
    It's extremely entertaining and kind of bewitching, and the fact that it's so popular only makes it more so.
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    Oct 6 2012: Because anyone and everyone can do it and it looks equally stupid :) It is in a way celebrating those with no dance skills who like to have fun anyway. And everyone has some uncle somewhere that dances like that.
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      Oct 7 2012: i think you make a good point . it is rudiculars
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    Oct 6 2012: i think it can all make us laugh.and at the same time we all feel ridiculars and there is a big difference with the mormal we need it we need this kind of works .
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    Oct 6 2012: It reminds me of the hammer days but Korean style but really geeky similar to the macarena when that infected the 90's.I wonder if it has to do with generational mindsets?