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what is the best video game? the top games poeple like to play and would like to play.

I will be posting a new video game for topic 2 times a week hopefully and you guys out there will comment on it and tell me what you think of it (what you did not like or what you did like.) Every person who comments should give a rating 1-10, 1 being the suckiest game ever and 10 being the most perfect game. At the end of the debate i will post ratings.


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    Oct 5 2012: I think you're on the wrong site..
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      Oct 7 2012: TED= Technology Entertainment Design

      Games use all three and have been the topic of a few TED talks which even portray many games in a positive light. This could actually be a very constructive conversation about different game element, mechanics, art design, story etc. Games can incorporate various different art and media forms rolled into one.

      So how is this on the wrong site?

      Oh yeah, and what are your favorite games?
      Mine are Portal(9.5), Braid(9.3), Limbo(8.7), Journey(9), Dear Ester(8.5), Super Metroid(9.4)
      Out of those: Best story = Braid, Most Thought Provoking = Journey & Dear Ester & Braid, Funniest = Portal
      Challenging = Limbo, Best art design = Journey, Best Mix of Elements = Super Metroid

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