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How will body language help my fear of failure?

Women, in general, are risk averse - as pointed out by Amy Cuddy. How would body language help us take more risks and pursue our dreams.


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  • Oct 19 2012: We get what we concentrate on. Quite often we concentrate on what we don't want when all we need to do is take that thought and turn it into "what is it I want". The more you talk about the fear of failure the more you will convince yourself that is what or who you are. Start to assess what you do well and take those feelings (and posture) forward into other areas of your life. See everything as a learning opportunity and a practice run and there can be no such thing as failure.
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      Oct 19 2012: Steven, I think you have an excellent point. I would only like to add that there are some other threads underway that touch on how those with a vested interest in our behaviors may talk us into feelings of inadequacy or weakness. It is important to repel those strategies.

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