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How will body language help my fear of failure?

Women, in general, are risk averse - as pointed out by Amy Cuddy. How would body language help us take more risks and pursue our dreams.


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    Oct 6 2012: It won't. What will is to focus on what you want to accomplish.

    If you just can't get over this I suggest something that I used to use with my workers. They often would be too worried about ruining material and as a consequence would ruin material.

    The idea is DON'T THINK ABOUT FAILING THE TEST. So what is your attention on? That's right failing the test and of course you will get what ever your attention is on, right?

    So here is the drill: Whatever you are worried about I want you to mock up or create a situation that resembles what you are worried about and purposely FAIL MISERABLY at it over and over until you don't have your attention on that anymore.

    You will know when you have done this because when you are done with this drill you will not have fear but instead have your attention on sucess. Don't think about this just DO IT.

    Let us know how you are doing.

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