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How will body language help my fear of failure?

Women, in general, are risk averse - as pointed out by Amy Cuddy. How would body language help us take more risks and pursue our dreams.


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    Oct 6 2012: Fear of failure comes mainly from the brain. While changing your body language in this way will not completely solve your fear of failure, it is a starting point for you to change your thoughts and perceptions.

    I think Amy's talk is interesting because it shows simple ways in which can change your brain chemistry. As she said, fake it till' you make it. Think positive, and be aware of your body language. While you're not going to always be standing doing these poses, it's about realizing how you are feeling mentally, and how you are displaying it physically. Think positively, and display it positively! The more confident you become in yourself, the more you'll be willing to take risks, and pursue your dreams.

    That's my 2 cents.

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