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Does belonging to a particular minority racial and ethnic group still affect our life chances? And is there any justification for this ?

As I was going through various cases of racial and ethnic inequalities in modern world, it came as a shock to know that still our racial and ethnic background strongly affect our life chances. Moreover, some intellectuals went too far to claim that the supposedly minority group faces these conditions because they are genetically inferior to the majority group.. As TEDians from different part of world, what are your thoughts regarding this issue? Are these inequalities present in your part of world and is this justifiable in any way?

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    Oct 6 2012: You may be reading very old material. Inequalities certainly exist perhaps everywhere in the world, but rationalizations based on theories of genetic inferiority are, I think, far, far in the past.
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      Oct 6 2012: Yes, some are of way, way , far in the past. But some thinkers from late 1990s do hold similar view. ( but this time they are the "minority" ones)
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    Oct 5 2012: I get people trying to crack jokes around me all the time about my ethnicity and culture,it took time before it dawned on me that some of them were trying to form a bridge over uncertain waters using the only thing that came to mind but others you can generally tell that it is malicious and closed minded,it's their loss not yours,never let them see it has an affect on you,Always throw Big smiles that reach into your eye's,you have a name and are a human second,the way i delt with racism is never to be with a group of just one race.