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Our Racist Planet

How much of an impact does race still have?

Does our prison system serve as a great example of current injustices?

We raise our children with all of these false ideas about life. They grow to be old and are shaped by the teachings their parents have provided. If we know psychology plays such a large role in determining a person's mind-set...why do we ignore it.

Why are we locking these people in cages when we know they have psychological issues? This isn't about feeling bad for a criminal. This is about understanding the nature of crime and why people break the law.

Many assume they have made different choices, and making different choices can lead you down a better path. However, if we understand that this path is not defined by only one single factor....but by multiple variables...why do we continue to punish people for their behaviors?

No punishment is needed. Vengeance should not be protected by our laws or Constitution. Rehabilitation is needed.

I think we spend enough money on Jets to begin taking care of our people.

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    Oct 6 2012: Manson needs a bullet. "Psychological issues" are just the new word for "excuses". The drug war, and the prison industrial complex related to it, are racist, and require a public health model... Murder does not. Some people are just sick twisted jerks, and they will do everything they can, to take advantage of anyone they can get their hands on. Punishment is the only thing a true sadist, sociopath, or psychopath understands, and these people exist.
  • Oct 6 2012: What exactly do you want for the people? How do you think we can achieve those desire goals?