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That any person who chooses to profess faith must have documentation that is available to the open source community.

That any person or persons who chooses to operate an organisation that is religious in nature must have to do so within an open source setting, for anything that is religious in nature invokes the power of human trust and thus must carry with it the responsibilities of doing so. I must clarify that personal faith need not be divulged, but that any person who wishes to affect another person must to ensure total transparency and accountability. By doing this, we eliminate the chance of charmers or does who have gifts in influence. It is easy to mislead one or even a hundred thousand given the right unfair circumstances, but only truthful ideas can stand the test of an open source checks and balance.

By doing this we can mitigate the harm caused by both macro and micro entities that invoke on the sacred trust of people through religion. Regimes may no longer use the fuel of emotions of discontented citizens. Parents may no longer enforce abuse the power of personal doctrine over their wards. Those who are more able in the talents of persuasion will need to go through a more credible watch dog via the open source community. Let it not be mistaken that this is an attempt to breech personal privacy, but rather an attempt to increase the transparency and accountability of those who seek to influence.

My hopes is that this is the beginning of policy which can put an end to the endless cycle of abuse that re-occur just because people are allowed to invoke on the power of circumstance. Evil intentions cannot survive out in the open, the source of our true strength as humans is communication, and this revolution can only be achieved if we were to open source our hearts, that one thing is for sure, most of us just want a better world.


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    Oct 10 2012: The solution to your problem can only come through truth. The bible warns of the power of deception, yet your topic deals with the power of religion to deceive, which is a real issue. Only the truth can protect you from deception. We are finding that exposing fraud is the only cure for deception.

    Marshall applewhite in heaven's gate was able to deceive 39 educated people because they were disillusioned with life and were willing to be deceived. The same was true for Jim Jones. Religion promises heaven, but try to get any religious person to describe heaven and they can't do it. But they have no problem describing hell because it deals with pain and suffering. Thus religion has focused on pain and suffering as the medium to which to sell their doctrine. Expose that as fraud and you open the doors to possibilities.

    The bible speaks of tithes. But the religious leaders of that time were responsible to provide for the poor and the widow. Today religion still speaks of tithes, but what do they do with the money? If they apply it to humanitarian aid, then they have shown their worth. If they apply it to their own selfish gain, then they have shown who their master is, and it isn't God.

    Let every person be responsible for following the money and the charmers will be exposed. Leave it to the charmers to show documentation and they will find a way, because they are very good at doing just that.

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